Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Too Tight!

My band is too tight and it's making me RAGE! I get stuck on everything including protein shakes and it's painful to drink water. Grrrr! I was hoping to actually lose weight because of this but I'm just hanging in at the same weight.

I'm Going back in the morning to get a little taken out. This is the only time I'll say I wish my surgeon would adjust me tomorrow because I'm ready to unleash on his overachieving, non-listening, knows-everything-except-how-to-communicate-with-people-who-are-not-under-anesthesia ass. I really would like to force him to listen to me for once. Fortunately/unfortunately his PA who is much better at the human aspect of this job will be there. I'm not going to get pissy with her. Lame.

Hope everyone is doing fab! Everything else is good here! I won $17 in my first dietbet on Sunday which is fun! Have a great week!