Monday, October 29, 2012

Why am I Fighting This Band?

Man I am really raging against my band today. After my stuck episode in Detroit I vowed I would never let that happen again. I've been pretty good about it, but you know somedays the band is more finicky than others.

This morning, like a drug addict, I stopped and got some breakfast on the way to work. Not sure why... the shit doesn't even taste that good. Good news is, prior to surgery I would have had a value meal and probably something else, but this time I got a hashbrown. The guy asked if I wanted two for a dollar and of course I just said sure.

First Bite, stuck. Good. Serves me right. But for some reason that didn't stop me once I got to the office. Why can't I just stop? Cold hashbrowns aren't even good! I went through the whole watery mouth thing and almost barfed in my office.

Around lunch time, instead of making a shake like I should have I got a plate of peruvian food from the Monday lunch people in our building. Ate more than enough and then stuck again. It never fails. I can't figure out why I'm doing this to myself.

I'm going to the gym tonight come hell or highwater I need to at least do something good for myself after a day of abuse.


  1. I'm grappling with the same issues. I've been eating things I know I shouldn't, and eating when I'm not really hungry. If I have something I have to eat it, even though I don't need it. (Chocolate covered coconut oreos, they're like crack I tell you.) I'm just taking it a day at a time, yes I sucked yesterday, but I'll do better today. You can do it to!

  2. You know when I am usually fighting it, it is usually emotional eating of some kind, stress, fatigue, success. Are you bored with your food choices? Are you feeling deprived? I know you can turn this around...and damn colleen for mentioning coconut oreos..I have been dying to try them but they are my crack and I will eat the whole!

  3. I have done this same thing over and over - I think jennxaz makes some really good points, I feel like it's rebellion part of the time, like, I just wanna eat whatever I want, so screw you, kind of thing. Just learn from it and try and remember it will make you feel like crap, really try and envisage the pain and grossness of getting stuck and sliming. Thinking of you x

  4. Guilty!!! I'm really putting forth effort last week and this week. My husband and co workers are really getting tired of my puking.

    FYI I can't eat shit in the morning until well after 10 am. Coffee, shake or yogart .

    I gave up on a food breakfast 2 months ago.

  5. Thank you for sharing. It reminds me of what kind of REAL journey this is going to be.

  6. Sorry to hear about your struggles. I agree with Jennxaz, sounds like stress. It's great that you recognize your mistakes, and are willing to blog about it. Sounds like you're ready to make a change. How? One meal at a time. One day at a time. Don't beat yourself up for slipping, just get back up and carry on. You can do it. Hang in there and keep us updated.

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