Monday, January 21, 2013


Dang! I was just thinking the other day that I don't think I got a cold or a bug at all in 2012! No such luck in 2013!

I've been slacking on the blog because my home laptop is shot! I need to take it to best buy and have them revamp the whole dang thing!

I've lost about 8 lbs on Atkins and I totally blew my diet over the weekend. Today is all liquids for me because everything I swallow burrrns! Well, maybe this little cold will work out in my favor.

14 day until we go to St Croix! Yay I can't wait!

Has anyone ever tried Kale Chips? I always used to burn them but I finally figured out how to make them. I think they are actually better just roasted until lightly crispy, but not all the way crisp. So delish!

If you can get your hands on Red Russian Kale it's even better than regular.

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  1. Not a kale chip fan...but I understand the colds...this is my second one this year....