Monday, April 15, 2013

Be Kind

Sad about what happened in Boston today. There are some terrible people out there. I wonder what goes through the minds Of people who do this shit. There must be nothing there but hatred. Sad.

Also sad about how nasty people can be to each other. Passive aggressive or just aggressive in general. (I'm a Yankee though, and I'll take aggressive over passive aggressive any) i just don't get what good comes from it.

Either way, I'm enjoying being sore from swimming. Getting ready to head down to myrtle beach for a week for work. Ick. All I can think of is 15 hour work days in the sticky heat.. But it's always fun to hang with a lot of clients for a few days. I will still get some work outs in. I did last year and it felt good because we just eat on the fly while running the conference so it balances everything out.

I hope everyone has a fab week! Here's some work out motivation if someone has ever said or did something hurtful while you're going through a tough time.


  1. The situation in Boston is very sad. Nice workout swimming!