Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Need Some Rest

I've been having the strangest problem lately....

For as long as I can remember, I have always creeped myself out when I'm home alone. Noises spook me, feel like someone is looking in the window etc. But for the most part it was Always while I was by myself. If someone else was with me in the house I would be fine.

When we bought our house, I really wanted an alarm on the house so I could sleep better. Our bedroom is over the garage and the whole living area is behind the garage ... So i imagine it would really be hard to hear someone break into our house if they did.

We got the alarm system and have had it for 2 or 3 years now. We've never had a problem with it to the point that I was starting to wonder if it worked. Every once in a while I would hear a noise or something that would bother me up enough to wake MS up to check it out.

About a month ago a police officer stopped by our house and said the house on the corner of the cul de sac had been robbed and asked if we had seen anything. Apparently someone had broken into a window and then left out of the back door. Which is what I have always feared happening to our house. We have a glass break sensor but who knows if it works?

After that, I called the alarm company to a)let them know there had been a break in b)ask them to dispatch the police immediately if our alarm goes off and c) asked them to come out and test
Our equipment. They said they would note our account that for the next 2 weeks they would dispatch the police immediately before even attempting to call us.

A night later I was driving out of the cul de sac and noticed two people sitting in a car I've never seen before just waiting. I turned my car around... Got the license plate and called the cops. A few minutes later, another car came up, people jumped up they did a quick exchange and sped off all while I was still making it quite obvious that I was getting license plate numbers.

I immediately felt like I messed up for being so obvious about getting their license plates and feared retaliation. A cop came by later and talked to me about it. He said it was probably good that they saw me because that will probably keep them from coming back. He also said to keep calling if I see anything wrong.

Exactly two days after that, I was woken up at 4:00 am to the phone ringing. I immediately heard The alarm going off down stairs. I woke up MS and answered and sure as shit it was the alarm company calling and the guy said our front door alarm was tripped and he had already dispatched the police. We stayed in our bedroom until the police showed up and MS went down stairs. I realized I was only wearing a t-shirt and by the time I grabbed my robe a cop was upstairs in my face. And the cop I spoke to two nights earlier was on the staircase behind him.
Turns out all of the doors were closed and locked and the windows were fine, no one had broken in. The cops were there for less than 5 minutes. For the first time in the multiple years we've had this system, it was a false alarm and it just so happened to trip about 1 week after someone broke into our neighbors' house.

We got a nasty gram from the county about having a false alarm and that if we had any more we would get fined for taking police officers off the street.

So that brings me to the title of this blog post. I'm not sure I've had a decent nights sleep since that all went down. I stay awake pretty late while my husband snores next to me and also has a fan on. Every night I hear noises that sound like someone is in the house and it scares the shit out of me!! I'm not sure how to get past this one. It's not like something bad actually happened that I'm traumatized from... I just get myself so creeped out I can't shut my eyes. Then when I do start to fall asleep I startle myself awake with some noise that may or may not even be real. What in the world?!?! Has anyone else ever dealt with something like this? Am I going off the deep end or what?!?


  1. I can relate to this. We have an alarm that I often wonder if it works myself. I am going to have our alarm tested too. The city here fines if you have too many false alarms. Technology is so fickle. But having the alarm does give me a bit of piece of mind. I do sleep with a sound machine in my bedroom. To the sound of thunder storms. Maybe that would help? I hope you find a way to get some good sleep. I find I lose weight steadier if I sleep well at night. Good luck to you!

  2. We have a sliding glass door in our room...freaks me out too...the best thing that has worked for me is sleeping with the radio on low...kind of drowns out all the creepy sounds... Not a great fix, but it is a little helpful!!:). Hope you can get a good nights sleep soon..