Sunday, May 19, 2013

Good Morning

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Things here are good. We got back from the best vacation we have ever taken last week and are rested and relaxed. Then my parents stopped by while passing through to my sister's which is always fun. 

I went back to see dr Yoo on Thursday. I was gearing up for a nasty conversation about what a huge failure I am. But he didn't unleash. Instead he wanted to schedule an appointment 4-6 weeks out with both me and MS for a tounge lashing. At this point it's going to be ineffective. No one in this world can be more ashamed of me than myself and sitting around reviewing just how horrible and terrible it is doesn't really help. Especially since I have really been in a good frame of mind for the past couple of months and have been working hard at changing my yo yo diet lifestyle to a more reasonable long term healthy lifestyle. It's time to move on from the whole "omg-what-have-is one-stage" to the "start- doing-something-about-it-stage."

So... That being said... Here are the good things that are happening in my life. 
1) we went on a cruise 2 weeks ago and we worked out every day on the ship
2) I was extremely conscience of what went in my mouth and how much. We ate healthy breakfasts and lunches and I stopped when I was full. We indulged sometimes but we made sure to make up for the indulgences with extra work outs. 
3) I have dropped 7 lbs and feel good
4) like I've mentioned before my life has been a series of yo yo diets swinging drastically from one end of the spectrum to the other.. I find myself always thinking about what I'll eat "after I lose this weight" so I've been reading body for life which is more of a sustainable long term program 6 days a week you eat a fistful of complex carbs and a palmful of protein. Two meals a day include a fistful of veggies as well. One day a week is an off day and you can eat whatever the hell you want. In addition to that there is a lot of weight training. Honestly its not much different than what our dietitian has laid out for us ... but the work outs are laid out and i think the cheat day will help me from swinging so far off the path. Hopefully this will help me balance out my life and be more of lifestyle change than a diet. I'm going to enter the 12 week challenge today for motivation as well. 
5) I've been having some hip pain while trying to run and I found the best chiropractor I have ever been to ... He is more of an all over health type of dr and he has given me a lot of stretching and wellness type of homework. 
6) swimming is becoming one of my favorite forms of cardio. We've been adding laps in the pool to our regular workouts
7) Here are some pictures from our trip!! 


  1. Wait are you in NC? Or is this just a coincidence?

    I see Dr Yoo at Duke WLS...I saw him on Thursday also. Maybe just a strange coincidence!

    1. Yes! We live in Raleigh :) I have been hoping to meet some banders close by!

    2. WOW I had no clue! awesome... email me please and we can chat...

  2. PS I also experienced some hip pain running, it was my IT Band... I did some IT Band stretches and they helped :)

  3. Glad you had a great trip! And well done on the working out, 7lb loss and going forwards! x

  4. great pics! glad you called the doc and are back at it! You got this!