Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A few fun things

Too tired to type A blog but here are a few randoms! 

- Today I won my own front row/reserved parking spot at the office for the month of July for going to the gym the most in June! YES!!! Because our parking lot sucks!!!  

- was too tired to go to the gym this a.m. So my friend and I crushed the stairs at lunchtime. We ran up and down 4 flights of stairs for 20 minutes straight which were pretty sure equates to about 18 times. Which means we ran up and down damn near 72 stories today! My heart rate monitor said I burned 256 calories! 

- speaking of heart rate monitors ... If you're serious about tracking calories in  v calories out , I would suggest purchasing a monitor. Myfitnesspal on average gives me about 100 extra calories burned for every workout. The equipment at the gym always reads lower than MFP but its still higher than actual calories burned! Total bummer! 

I think that's all for tonight!! I'm outta gas! 

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