Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Prep

Hope everyone had a fab weekend!! We definitely did! Last week we both went in for fills and I think we're officially off a dr yoo's shit list for being back on track. I think this fill was aggressive but good. The thought of food or even a shake makes me ill until about noon. We smoked wonderful ribs for our cheat day and I could barely stomach anything yesterday.  Hopefully this helps me get to my goal of 45 lbs lost by aug 11 (week 12 of body for life) 

I love designating Sunday as my prep day. If I don't have to cook during the week, then I probably won't be tempted to overeat during the week. PLUS not cleaning the kitchen during the week is a fab reward! 

Today I made turkey sausage patties, 5 roasted beets, a whole sweet potato cut up into 4 servings, and roasted brussel sprouts. 

This will take care of lunches for the week. Tomorrow night ill throw a pan of chicken tenderloins seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and portion those out as well. 

I really like cubing the chicken or sausage patties up along with 1 portion of sweet potato and 1 beet. At work I put a tablespoon of dressing in the cup and shake it up. It's a really good lunch and perfectly sized portion for both body for life and lap band eating. 

MS is taking 1 portion of meatloaf that we smoked and froze a few weeks ago with some brussel spouts I roasted for him tonight. He's working OT tomorrow as well so he'll take a spinach salad and a chipotle black bean burger for his other meal. 

We cleaned up and now we're ready for the week... Which happens to be my favorite week of the year!!!!!! birthday week!!!!!!! My goal is to lose 5 lbs and celebrate at the color vibe 5k on Saturday!


  1. I hope to see you at the Color Vibe Sat.. I cant wait :)

  2. Awesome! You are working it to see the prep work!