Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Scale Ruined My Cheat Day

Seriously, I have been dreaming about this cheat day from my diet all week. every day has been a struggle with my will power. cravings have been over the top...but I stuck to the plan no matter what. I dreamt about cupcakes and donuts (2 things that aren't even that amazing to me) and I compiled a mental list of things that I would like eat on my off day. 

Well this week I've also been losing weight and really making the most of my workouts. I compiled a detailed spreadsheet of my goal for this 12 weeks of body for life and broke the 12 weeks down into quarters so I could really track my progress and stay on top of it. I'm ahead of my schedule and I'm really working hard to reach my goal.

So this morning on this glorious diet cheat day, I stepped on the scale just to peek. I almost passed out because i have dropped 20 lbs since Returning from my cruise. TWENTY POUNDS. All of a sudden the need for a cheat day filled with donuts and cupcakes and macaroni and cheese just kind of vanished. The day that got me through the week is here and I don't think I want use it! That's AWESOME! 

However, I know myself very well and I know that I tend to do things like this for a few months and then totally fall off the bandwagon. So I am going to still have a cheat day today. However, I'm not going to go overboard. I'll have something cheesy and ill have a dessert today but nothing that will completely derail my diet. I need to allow that so I don't completely fall off next week. Just have to keep the balance and remind myself everyday that's this is how my life has to be in order to get myself to a normal weight. There's no end to this diet. It has to be a new lifestyle. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend and doesn't get rained out!! 

PS I apologize for the random capitalization or lack there of in these posts. My real computer needs to go to the shop and editing a blog from a tablet is a nightmare! 


  1. I think it is fine to have treats in moderation! It keeps you on track! Remember you have to maintain these habits for the rest of your life. Don't beat yourself up about it! Congrats on the 20 pounds!!

  2. Congrats that is super girl!