Saturday, June 22, 2013

Note to self ... Get over yourself

:) I had the best time at the color vibe run! My whole "can't sleep because I have to wear a tutu" was just stupid.  There were so many people and it was awesome. We walked and jogged about half and half .. I got so much color powder in my contacts that I had to just take them out on the trail and throw them on the ground. Ha!

hollee and christy ... I was looking for you but once my contacts were out it was hopeless!! Let's plan a date soon!

I'm so grateful for my girlfriends that made my bday morning super fun! After my hubs and I got home and got cleaned up we went out to lunch and had empanadas downtown, then we walked to a little chocolate factory. We took a tour, sampled chocolate and had iced coffees! Yummmm
It started to rain so our 10 minute walk back to the car was so funny in the rain! We got soaked!

Cheat day!! Ran and walked this biz off!!!

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  1. I am glad u had a good time.. and yes we need to all get together:)