Saturday, May 19, 2012


oh my goodness. I can't wipe the smile off of my face today. I really can't.

I try not to put a whole lot of emphasis on material things, but I am human. Stuff is just stuff but at the end of the day about $100 worth of stuff really made me happy today. It was kind of a pay off for every single morning I forced myself out of bed at 5:00 am to go to the gym.

For me, one of the most depressing/horrifying things about being overweight was clothing.
I have always loved fashion in fact, I was actually a professional makeup artist for seven years. Quickly after I started college I had to start shopping at plus size stores. It hurt my heart shopping with friends at stores where nothing fit me. It embarrassed me to take friends to plus size stores for a while, but even when it stopped being embarrassing, I still didn't shop with friends much. I envied my friends who raided each other's closest for clothes. I hated my wedding dress, but I settled on it because it was one of the only samples that I could actually try on. Last year It was horrifying shopping for a formal dress. It's like all plus size clothing is either a. frumpy b. floral smock-ish or c. cut to really accentuate how fat you really are. I kept saying, "Am I the only fat person in the world who needs a dress for a wedding that isn't styled for an 80 year old?"

I started wearing a size 10 shoe when I was a teenager. not a big deal, but In the past few years all that weight made my feet wider and I was confined to size 11 which has just recently become somewhat available. blahhhh. How lame.

So enough of the sob story. Today I walked into Forever 21 and went on a shopping spree. It was still plus sizes. But I didn't even care because their plus sizes are normal sizes in a women's store!!! Even though I'm on the brink of being a bit too old to be shopping at Forever 21 I tried on the absolute cutest things. I was dancing in the dressing room. I would post pics but I need to get some camis and a slip for under the dresses I bought. They are all awfully see through, but here are 2 of the items from the website. I also snagged a super cute yellow dress with a bias hem and some fluorescent pink sandals that are fab!

The one thing that really upsets me about Forever 21 is the fact that plus size there starts at size 12. It hurts my heart because I know there are a ton of teenagers who are mortified by the fact that they are shopping in a  very limited section of the store and it's labeled plus size!!!
I'm sorry but size 12 is pretty normal. In fact the skinniest I have ever been in my life was a size 14 and I was damn thin then! Oh well, off my soapbox!

After we were finished at forever 21, we went to the plus size section of Belk. Sifting through the racks and racks of floral smocks just solidified how wonderful my shopping experience was at Forever 21. I can finally dress like myself and pretty soon I'm going to really  be able to dress however the hell I want! YES!!! THANK YOU LAP BAND!!!!!


  1. The only thing that sucks now is that because I am in 12/14 range (which is pretty "normal") it is SOOO hard to find my size on the super discount clearance rack!!! I was in Old Navy today and couldn't find anything in my size on clearance. I kept whining to my husband "This being normal thing really blows sometimes!!"

    Great NSV!!!!

  2. ooooo! I wanna see! I love Forever 21 but never have been able to shop there (or old navy or GAP) - ahhh shopping! Congrats!


  4. Yeah for you! I look at those sizes now and can't even really imagine myself in "normal" clothes.... I can't wait!

  5. You were a makeup artist????? I was too!