Thursday, May 17, 2012

Welp, I Thought We Had This Fill Thing Under Control

So I had a new experience today. This one was extra special.

Like I mentioned yesterday my band was WIDE open again. I even ate a little bit of steak last night because it was so loose. I will say, that was a great decision on my part. yum.

This morning I wanted a mother of a fill. Everything was great, I drank a slim fast shake, took my chill pill, and drank about 90% of a bottle of water on my way to the doctor's office.

She said she gave me a .5ml fill which is what I've been averaging every 3-4 weeks. Didn't get dizzy and didn't even feel like I was going to pass out.

I left the place without an issue, and I called my mom and dad to see how my dad was feeling. While I was dialing I took a quick sip of water. It went down a little gurgly, but not a big deal.

Got to work, and saw that the car detailers were working in the parking lot today and decided to see how much it would be to get my car cleaned up.The price was pretty fair so I decided to go back out to an atm to get cash for it.

That's when all hell broke loose.

As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot I took the last sip of my water. Not gulp, just the last sip. Instantly stuck. Watery/pukey mouth, sweaty, tears, snot, horrifying pain in my band.

I kept breathing and trying to swallow. I've been stuck 2 times before and I knew it would pass. It just needed to get through. It was just flippin water! The pain kept getting worse. I had to pull over in a gas station because I was getting to a point of not being able to drive.

I got out of the car and started walking, my whole head was leaking... like snot, eyes just streaming water. There was so much pain but it absolutely had to pass. I mean the damn meatball I got stuck on a few weeks ago took half as much time to go through, what the hell was going on??

I called MS, because why would I call the dr first? Called the dr, they said to come right back. Then I called my best friend (SH) and told her to come get me. I couldn't even get words out right. It was like there was a car laying on my chest.

She said my voice sounded so wierd that she knew something was really wrong and she ran out of the office.  She showed up and drove me back to the doctor. It was good to have her there so I could sit there and try to burp.

I slowly got better as we made the 20 minute drive, and have the comic relief of SH there made it easier to deal.

I went in the saw the doctor, she is just wonderful. I told her what happened and was adamant that I didn't want to be unfilled. She told me to drink sip water very slowly for a few minutes and then she'd come back.

Every sip gurgled and hurt going down. Shit.

She came back in and I told her, feeling pretty defeated, how bad it felt. She took out .1 ml and I was 100% better. The brick feeling went away and water went down great. Holy crap .1 ml is all it took.

I'm super tired from the ordeal but man I'm glad I went back in. That would have been a nightmare to deal with all weekend.

Even though random crap like this keeps happening, I still think the band is the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Now let's see that scale move!!


  1. That sounds scary! Glad you wen back to the doctor!

  2. Wow - Not fun!! I haven't had anything like this yet and I so don't want it. I have been stuck before when my nose starts to run but nothing like this. I am SO happy you had it resolved before the weekend as well. I am WIDE open as well and can eat like preband almost. I have my fill on Monday for #3 and am so ready for it!! I need to get the show on the road to 40 pounds - a bit frustrating!!

  3. It's happened 2 times for me and it's just when I don't chew good or eat way too fast. I have never had it come back up. I stand there and swallow hard and put my arms up and wiggle. I mean it something too big that's squeezing through a small hole, but while it squeezes through the lining of your stomach is pinched between whatever it is and a plastic band. It's like urgent pain that takes your breath away and I can barely form words when it happens.

  4. P.s. Lisa that is still very good that you are wide open! Means you're losing!

  5. Can someone explain wide open to me? I'm getting band next wednesday(ya me)... But I really don't understand that part? If you get a fill and all is good.... Then what happens to change that? Does it loose saline on its own and you have to keep going back to get more for the same restriction again?

    1. Yep - so your band sits on a fat pad around your stomach so as you lose weight, the band gets looser. Just like a belt gets looser around your waist (that analogy is from my doctor - not claiming to have come up with it on my own! haha) So at first you lose weight pretty rapidly and it's hard to get restiction because your weight is changing daily. Then once the weight loss slows down it keeps the restriction for a little longer. A lot of people talk about it like you'll get restriction after a few fills, but that's not really the case. You truly have restriction until you lose some weight and then it loosens up. Last month even though I wasn't showing weight loss on the scale, I needed a fill. My doctor explained that I did lose weight around my stomach area, but i could have built muscle somewhere else or could have been holding water to make it seem like I didn't lose. But this time I lost 3 lbs in the month and I could eat anything I wanted. Does that makes sense?

    2. Yes I've been trying to figure out how people fail or gain weight.... I see so they
      Pose weight then get comfortable don't get fill and moe on with life with little to no restriction.

      When I asked my doctor about failure... He said as long as you keep your follow ups, commit to Exercize failure is not an option.

    3. I agree with that, but there's still a lot of will power that goes with it. Before the band I never ate when i was hungry. It wasn't about being hungry, it was about eating. When you have restriction, the band slows you down and it keeps physically full, but if you graze all day or eat really bad foods it's not going to work. I think you just have to be true to yourself and look at the band like a tool. If you don't use it, it isn't going to work. But man it works really good when you use it!!!

    4. Thanks for the education! I am so glad I've found a network of "pro's" to follow!

  6. OMG, that sounds horrible. I am glad that you were able to get it taken care of quickly. are you still feeling any discomfort?

  7. yikes! Scary. I'm glad you got it taken care of quickly. How are you doing now?

  8. that always scares me...I hate that stuck feeling and too I don't want people to know but you look like a rabid dog when it happens!