Thursday, May 24, 2012


Happy Thursday! Ten Things!

1. Did everyone see the picture Reggie posted in that purple dress? Hot to death.

2. The grossest thing is happening to me right now. My hair loss has seemed to slow down, but today as I getting all the knots out of my hair I noticed red spots on my scalp. The whole top of my scalp is covered in red dry spots. SICK! AND there's gray hair everywhere. UGH! I bought some head and shoulders and I hope that takes care of this little embarrassing issue.

3. You know what's a lot more fun after you've lost a lot of weight? sex. ha!

4. Today is my second day of self inflicted liquid diet. It's been pretty good. MS got a fill today so I jumped on the bandwagon with him.

5. I am so excited for this long weekend I can't even stand it. I have been going into work early and staying late so much for the past few months that I hit a wall this week. I had a hard time focusing on anything today. I might extend this liquid diet through the weekend and I'm not talking about protein shakes.

6. So I have mentioned before that I have PCOS, and that is one of the main reasons that pushed my decision to get a band. For me, my PCOS made my period just disappear for months and then I'd get a period that lasted for months. In an effort to spare you the gory details, I'll just say that twice, it got so bad that I actually passed out because it was depleting my iron levels. So anyways I haven't had a normal cycle in almost 10 years without the help of birth control. Even though birth control is the only treatment I have been on for PCOS, I actually took it upon myself to stop taking it a few months ago because it was giving me really bad acne. So I am incredibly excited to tell you that I started my normal period today for the second month in the row!!! With NO help from pills, last month it lasted for 1 week and stopped! OMG!! YAY! I know periods are super annoying, but I'm almost* as happy to have it as I was when I was trying on clothes at Forever 21 last weekend!! IS IT POSSIBLE THAT MY OVARIES ARE WORKING?! OMG PLEASE!? That would be the best thing ever.

7. Today the little man at work that I was talking about last week wasted so much of my time. I'm going to start keeping a log of how many times he just interrupts me throughout the day and I'm going to start leaving invoices on his desk. Then I'm going to whoop his ass. I swear I would love to just wrestle that dude. Like MMA style.

8. Have I ever told you about my alter ego? You know how Beyonce has an alter ego named sasha fierce? Well mine is named Janet Jackson. She's been around since a pretty funny night in college and man she has been gettin crazy lately.

9. On that same note, I love birthdays and I really like to make a big deal about them. I do it for everyone because being an adult is super lame and I think everyone deserves a little celebration! That being said, I like to celebrate my own birthday too and this year I'm going to let Janet Jackson wear sequins, slutty makeup and big hair. Shit, I might even clip a weave in!

10. I was just thinking about how grateful I am. I feel so blessed. Moving to NC by myself 6 years ago was extremely tough. I left my amazing family and wonderful friends all behind and just kind of leaped to see what would happen. Finally, after lots of heartache, I feel complete again. Life is definitely a journey and if you just trust that God will guide you to everything you have ever asked for, he will.


  1. I love No. 10. I just love that you are feeling that way. so cool.

    I need to see pics of Janet when she shows up...Or should I say, Ms. Jackson!

  2. Okay, the Ms.Jackson if you're nasty thing made me choke on my pudding. hahahha! and yay for ovaries working! I have PCOS as well, but my cycles are still whacky. Hoping that changes soon!

  3. Thanks for the shout out Ms. Jackson.... yeah, I'm nasty ;o)

  4. Oh my the hair things sounds terrible...I am still losing my hair...hope it stops the wrestling image...I have a few of those at my office I would like to SMACK down!

  5. i have PCOS as well! we had to go through fertility treatments to conceive and i'm also on birth control just to have a cycle. this post gave me hope! i'm about to get my band next week and you just gave me yet another reason why going with the band is best decision for me. THANKS!

    1. I'll be praying for you! it's the best decision I've ever made!