Sunday, May 20, 2012

Surgeries Tomorrow

Wanted to send prayers and good thoughts to Colleen and Michelle on thier surgeries tomorrow!!


  1. Wohoo!!! Mine is Wednesday morning 8AM.

    Today I am really freaking out! You know everything going thru my head if I am making the right decision, will I have the dreaded shoulder pain after surgery...will I never be able to enjoy food again?

    God I wish someone would just knock me out cold until about FRIDAY! HELP>

    1. Well Shit! I have been thinking about you all day today!!! I had a lot of the same emotions. The key to it is that you HAVE to walk. Even if it's just shuffling around your house, just walk a little path every hour or so. Sitting down and laying down is when the gas pain really sets in. I would just walk a path around my house that took 1 minute and every minute I walked past my protein shake in a shot glass and I took a tiny little sip. After 15 minutes I sat down for 45 and sipped on water.