Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Fun Filled Day

Stupid Vagus Nerve.
I went in for my third fill today and as always, it was a shit show! Apparently my vagus nerve is a little bitch.

Before I get into the gory details, I have to say that I adore all of the staff at Dr. Yoo's office. It is seriously like a family. If they weren't so awesome, I would really have a hard time going in every month considering my little "episodes".

So when the nurse takes me in to weigh me, she always goes over a list of medications and confirms what I'm still taking. We went through the list, Birth Control? Yes! Mulitvitamin?Yes! Atavan? Atavan? OMG I FORGOT TO TAKE MY ATAVAN!

Atavan is a chill pill that MS and I were prescribed after our first adjustments (I passed out/He almost did). We were instructed to take 1 pill 30 minutes before our appointments. As soon as I remembered that I didn't take the pill I knew the rest of the appointment was going to be dramatic.

We got started and as soon as she took the saline out of my band I started clamming up and getting sweaty. It's such a crazy feeling because we both stay really calm even though I always have a huge needle sticking out of a stomach.  We somehow maneuver me, the fluro, and her foot pedals for the fluro all around, all while keeping that needle in the port. It's really ridiculous.

Today I had to sit down and she slowly added back what I came in with. Then I had to move from a chair to the table so we could actually do the fill with the fluro.

It's so crazy I have to keep laughing about it! I swear I will never forget to take that atavan again. I mean, last time I came close to passing out, but not as bad as this time, the pill does help.

The good news is... our doctor said she was so so so proud of us because we are really doing great. That made me feel good and makes me want to do well every month. Also, I think this is the tightest my band has EVER been. I'm on liquids for the next two days so I'm hoping for some SERIOUS weight loss!!

No matter what, this whole sensitive vagus nerve thing is a small price to pay for the weight I've lost.
If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. This is hands down the best thing I've ever done for myself.


  1. Oh my, you will never forget that sweet little pill again! :)

    And it's no surprise that your practice says you're doing so well - YOU ARE!! you are both so committed - it must really help to do this together, too. Keep it up!

  2. that is just crazy! I can't wait to feel some restriction again!

  3. Here's hoping that your fills get easier as you go!

  4. You poor girl!! I am sorry your fills are so rough. I had my first one on Monday and I was petrified. I had my eyes shut tight. The Dr asked me if I was ready to begin and when I said yes, he laughed.. it was already in and being filled. I had no clue and didn't feel a thing until I drank the water. Next fill - REMEMBER that fill!!! <3

  5. That's so awful that you have to deal with that when you get fills! Hopefully you'll get in a good restriction place soon and won't have to go as often.