Monday, March 26, 2012

I'm Not Easily Offended...

I like to think I can take a joke, in fact I can take a lot of jokes... but some dude said something to my husband at the Y tonight that made me shiver.

So MS and I started a whole lifting circuit today. It was fun, he got it out of a book he's been reading and we did it together. Arms, legs, then abs.

So while we were finishing up planks on the mats this big dude walked in and stood there. I saw him looking around and kind of shaking his head and talking to himself. Whatever.

So we went to walk away and he stopped MS and said, "I got news for you man, every time I work out with my wife, we get all hot and heavy and we looked good, and then she gets pregnant. Then she gets fat again."

Then he proceeded to repeat it again, but he said "They get fat again"

It took a few minutes for it to sink in. That joker is lucky I didn't have a 10lb dumbell in my hand. I would have smashed the stupid out his mouth.


  1. I really don't understand people. A virtual stranger thinks he needs to say something so vile to another stranger. I mean - did saying it make him proud of himself? I just don't understand outright meanness.

  2. What an ass! Report him to management if he keeps that crap up.

  3. GRRRR - What a d-bag for sure! You are beautiful and he has shit for brains.

  4. what a jack @#ss! I seriously don't believe it! You poor thing sorry to hear that!