Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ten err Seven Things Thursday!

1. Lisa inspired me to talk about my 4 legged kid, because he has leg issues too. My little guy has a crooked front leg because one bone grew way longer than the other. My heart hurts every time he moves his little leg because it's uncomfortable. Some crazy cat lady at petsmart gave me a guilt trip the other day about not having surgery yet. Although I choked back the urge to karate chop her in the throat, it makes me feel guiltier every day that I think about it. I think that is probably what it feels like when some ass hole calls you a bad parent.

2. I TOOK A CAKE DECORATING CLASS TODAY!!! YAYYY! I made this in December for one of my friends:
So everyone in the office is getting a birthday cake this year. I make em they eat 'em!

3. I'm going to myrtle beach for a week long work conference next week - I might actually go get a fill on Thursday because my will power needs a bit of a supplement.

4. Last night I went out with 3 friends after work and stayed out until about midnight. When I got home, my dog was more excited to see me than he ever has been. He was so excited that he jumped onto our very tall, king size bed, for the second time in his life. He then proceded to bite/kiss my face. like "MOOOM, I want to eat your face off I'm so happy" What a great way to come home. I just love my sweet little dog.

5. Today was my only full day off from working out this week. For some reason my legs are always so irritated on my day off.

6. Wednesday morning at 5:00 I decided not to go to the gym and just sleep in... then at 5:10 I thought "Cut the shit and Get your ass out of bed ." This is when the fitness stuff gets hard. My goal at the conference next week is to work out at least 3 times in the 5 days I am there. Because this is where it becomes a slippery slope.

7. I'm so tired I'm running out of things to talk about :) ehhh I quit! Goodnight loves!


  1. Aww - I am sorry about your baby's leg :( it sucks seeing them in any discomfort. I know I better start saving for the next hip replacement. She is only 3 but her legs are so stubby she always gets in trouble. I wish she understood ugg.

    I am sorry that B!t@h at the petstore said that to you. She has no idea about the dog and has no right to make comments.

    On happier notes, Yah for the cake decorating class!! I think that is so great. I ran a part time bakery for awhile and did REALLY well with it. I LOVE to bake so I think this is fab!!

    And Myrtle Beach for a week??!! Nice! I haven't been since I was a teenager but I have fond memories of it. Will you have any freetime (besides hitting the gym lol?)

    1. would you have ever thought you were going to have to get your dog's hip replaced?! that is bananas!

      I will have a little free time on saturday. Our company puts on the conference for our clients so it's long long days, but really fun.

      I hope you are starting to feel better for your fab weekend!!

  2. That cake is beautiful!!! I love rainbows they are so cheery!!! Good job!!!

    My Hubby says (when people give out their opinions unsolicited)...opinions are like A$$holes, everybody has one!!! You are your fur babies mommy you know the truth!!!

    Have fun this week on your workation, sounds like fun!!!

  3. dogs just give love unconditionally ... I love that! Gorgeous cake!

  4. I love rainbow baked goods! That looks super awesome :) How was your first class?

    1. It was SUPER fun Jackie! The first class the teacher talked a lot. She of course talked about a lot of wilton products and actually taught basics. How to bake a cake, how to torte it, frost it and smooth out the frosting. There were a lot of good tips in this one. But next thursday we'll actually do our own cakes and decorate them

  5. I'm going to go give my pup some extra scritches now - your little guy sounds so adorable!

    Good luck in Myrtle - I'm presenting at a national conference in early May. In rip-roarin' Indianapolis. Never been there, so I hope they at least have a river walk or something (any Indy folk, feel free to chime in, although you can keep the race cars, heh)

    good on you for recognizing the top of what could be a slippery slope on the exercise - I think identifying potential challenges early helps us to avoid trouble in the long run. Yay you!