Saturday, March 10, 2012

Work Out Buddies

Really loved my second week of beginner's yoga at the Y. I felt especially fat today because this week's teacher was even more hard core than last week's. That's ok I'll get there, though.

I'm losing my work out drive, so I'm doing everything in my power to just keep on keeping on. Thursday was my only full day off this week, and I did take off my Friday morning work out time. This is where a support system (work out buddies from work and my husband) are clutch!!

Up until this point I didn't need buddies; I was just going on sheer determination. But the buddies have been there all along and there is no way I could just quit all together which is a blessing! If I were doing this by myself I think next week (myrtle beach) would be the death of my work out routine.

No worries, I'm not going back to my old habits. But if you find yourself in the situation I'm in right now, find yourself some buddies who won't quit!
Saw this on Pinterest and Love it!

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  1. 57 down!!! You are awesome!! Don't lose your motivation, that is driving that scale in the downward motion! Use Myrtle Beach as a different type of exercise. Swim, walk, bike, etc... anything new to shake it up and have fun in the sun!! Weather is gorgeous!!