Monday, April 16, 2012

Nobody Said That It'd Be Easy, They Just Promised It'd Be Worth It

Tonight I went to my beloved bosu class with the crazy instructor. He is just a beautiful gay guy with a super skinny super toned body and his workouts are crazy.
I can't remember if I said this last week, but my first time at the class I was sitting outside watching the group before us and he was teaching. I kept thinking holy crap that guy is CRAZY HARD CORE! Then when I walked in and saw he was teaching my class I kept thinking, "aww shit."

It was funny because tonight a girl sitting next to me on the bench said the same thing to me out loud . She said " He IS INTENSE! Does he teach the next class?!" I told her yes and about how much I loved it. After the first 15  minutes we caught glances and she mouthed to me "HOLY SHIT!" haha so funny. Skinny people problems. I tell ya.

Anyways. The point of my story is this.... after the class I wanted to go talk to the instructor but for some reason I could feel myself getting teary eyed. weird. PMS I guess. I just wanted to hug him and tell him thanks, but I just kept walking. When I turned in my locker key he was standing there, and I was over that little teary eyed thing and I said to him, "Thanks for making me ugly sweat!" so we started talking and I told him that I loved his class and that I loved the other one as well. We talked about the differences and I told him that I had lost some weight and I knew this was going to help me get over a plateau. He kept saying that he was at a plateau too and he's trying to do everything to just break through it.  I said, "You don't have to lose any weight!"

And then he told me something awesome..... he said, "I lost 181 lbs!"

181!!!!!!!! And he is in AMAZING SHAPE. AMAZING. I would have hugged that man in all my ugly sweaty glory, but I'll save that for 20 lbs from now.  I told him that he was helping me more than he knows.

It's just goes to show how much everyone struggles and everyone has their own battles. I can get there, we can all get there. "Nobody Said That It'd Be Easy, They Just Promised It'd Be Worth It."

I don't know who said that quote but it's going to be my mantra for a little while, at least until I can get to 198.


  1. Beautiful mantra!!! Just perfect!! What a very touching post too!!

  2. Wow, you just never know the paths others may have taken, huh? Great post and wonderful mantra!

  3. crazy! Isn't that amazing, you never know what other peoples journeys are! Cool story!