Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1 Pant Size Gone!

I pulled every pair of size 22 and 20 pants out my closet today and tried each of them on! I came out with 1 pair To wear tomorrow and two more that fit, but give me a slight muffin top. Should be good by next week!

The rest of the pants are stacked from the biggest waist band down, I'm hoping our trip to Disney World next week will help me add a few more pairs to the rotation.

It feels good to finally have some more pants to wear. I can't believe I had to lose 43 lbs to drop a pant size.

Meanwhile, in man land, my hubby told me that he had his first stuck/pb occurrence over the weekend. He said he was eating a piece of ham and wasn't paying attention. He said he knew it was happening as soon as it went down. He walked around for a few minutes and went to the bathroom and literally burped and coughed it into a napkin. Yikes!!!

Also, MS has sworn off the scale until the end of the week because he is very very close to dropping below 300lbs.
Hopefully I'll have good news to report by the weekend!


  1. Yah! I can finally read your blog again! Not sure what happened.
    Ok lots to comment on.

    GO YOU! Losing a size already WOW!!
    Disney? You will be an hour from me! Enjoy! TONS of walking so you will definitely get your activity in.
    As far as being stuck, it sounds like he had an easier one than some people. And last, he is already going to be under 200??? What the?? What is his goal weight?? He is going to be at goal in no time for a man. Wow!

    1. OOOOPSIE! Typo! He's about to be under 300!!

  2. Lisa I've been meaning to tell you, when I was growing up my family went to Madiera Beach every year for vacation. Then as we got older, my parents would always go to St Pete for a month :) I have wonderful memories of the whole area! We ordered our fitbits so we could wear them at disney! can't wait to see how far we walk. How are you feeling today?

    1. Holy Moly how funny! Mad Beach is within 15 mins from where I live. We rent a condo there every 4th of July and stay for the week. A staycation and a ton of 4th fun! You need to revisit downtown St. Pete. It has probably changed SO much since you were last here. It's incredible. Phenomenal museums, incredible restaurants and bars, neat Indie shops all over, a gorgeous Beach Drive which faces the Pier, One of the largest Sat morning markets. You have to come back!! You will have a lot of fun at Disney. I have been a zillion times since I was a kid since it was only an hour and a half. So great you both bough Fitbits. I LOVED mine. Yes I just said that PAST tense. I had it on my black yoga pants a few weeks ago and threw it in the stupid wash. Ugggg - it's dead. I am going to buy another one because I am so sad.

  3. Woo Hoo you!!! Walt Disney World is it's own city...huge!!!! Fantastic vacation you will literally be in a magical world, and how exciting for you to enjoy it all with a smaller waist line and pant size!!! Best vacation we have ever been on...went at Christmas/10 year we'd Ann. in 08' excited for you!!! Yes you will get in a ton of miles...wear comfy supportive shoes for sure!!!;)