Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Short Term Goal

I just adore all of  your blogs that have been designed by Just Foolin Blog Designs! I totally want a facelift! In order to keep myself in line I'm setting a short term goal of losing 20 more lbs. When I hit
-72 lbs I am going to reward myself with a shiny new blog upgrade!! So if you get a chance just remind me how ugly you think my current page is! TY!!


  1. LMAO!! Jen ROCKS!! I should have set it as a goal like you but I realize I am instant gratification person. Ugg - for instance - get this damn weight off of me now. LOL

    1. haha trust me, we are the same way ... I had to force myself to post this so I don't just get sick of waiting. I was going to say 10 lbs. 20 lbs seems like such a mountain!!

  2. Aw, your blog isn't ugly, it's just....functional. It works, no glitz, no glam (kinda like mine!) And thanks for another good reward idea!!

  3. Hey yours looks ten times better than mine! Great reward though

  4. oooooo I want to do that too. maybe after 25 lost! or I could try to do it myself..but I'm lazy haha

  5. My blogs need updos also :)But yours is pretty. Great Goal!

  6. That's a great goal and reward! Jen does really good work!