Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today's Menu

Vanilla Bean Torte Protein mixed with 2% milk and ice

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
2 oz of store bought rotisserie chicken
1 wedge of Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese
1/2 Tumaro Low Carb Multi Grain Tortilla
Less than a tablespoon of Frank's Buffalo Sauce

I put it in the toaster oven at work and melted the cheese. 3 of the guys I work with came in my office while I was eating and were staring at it asking about it. It was like there was a set of boobs sitting on my desk or something.

My lunch was super low in calories, but I ended up getting pretty hungry around 2:00 so I have a Pantry Selections Protein Pudding for a snack. I got it from I like it because I can mix it with 4 oz of water in my little blender cup and it has a really nice pudding texture. However, I've had 3 of these so far, Vanilla, Tropical Banana and California Strawberry. Vanilla was great but the other two were ehhh.

I skipped dinner tonight because I'm feeling icky, but here is what MS ate. The enchiladas were made with inspiration from a pinterest recipe. But I actually cut each tortilla in half before I rolled them to cut down the serving size. Once I put the sauce on, each enchilada was about 3 oz or a little more. I'm going to freeze these and I think they will be fab with a little spinach salad for lunches.

The recipe made way too much sauce, so I threw in some random ingredients in the left overs and made a corn and ham chowder with it.  MS had 1 enchilada and an ounce of the chowder. Happy Hubby. He's probably already burned off all of the calories he ate from watching American Idol ;)

Please say a prayer for my friend Lisa. She is getting banded tomorrow morning! Send her some love!

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  1. looks yummy as usual!!!! I just saw one of Lisa's post on lapbandtalk and she appears to be really sore!