Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Confession Time

I may or may not have consumed 600 calories of Ranch Dressing at dinner tonight.

Ready for an excuse? I worked out twice today. Shit. That was one whole work out.

50% of me feels really guilty about, but the other 50% ... well I'm sure you know.


  1. my confession is that I had both taco bell and pizza today... :-( BUT I am still below my calorie goal!

  2. Ugg - I have a confession as well. I had a fried pickle WITH ranch tonight. LOL I was under 1000 calories for the day tho. But Oi vey - I need to get it in gear!!

  3. No confessions here - just posting to say that at least your putting it out there and realizing it probably wasn't the healthiest thing to eat. Awareness is key, I think.

    Now, what's your plan for today?

  4. holy crap batman was there a ranch buffet somewhere? Just kidding. Damage done now you get to work it off. Good for you for being honest