Sunday, February 26, 2012

A New Week

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! Mine has been pretty good! I'm struggling with a lot of head hunger this week. I think that it has to do with vacation and really being able to eat anything. My fill is great, lots of restriction, no hunger. It's just my head I'm dealing with. I want to eat any and everything. If anyone has any advice on how you deal with your own head hunger issues please share. I'm feeling down about it.

The good news is that by an act of God, I have hit -50lbs!!!! YAY! I think that I probably lost the weight from walking so much on vacation. It just didn't show on the scale right away because we ate a lot of bad foods. I would imagine that it took a couple of days on the liquid diet to shed all the garbage that my body was holding onto.

After working out at the Y Friday night, we decided to get MS a membership there as well. The price is around $46 a month plus $110 for a joining fee, but we both think it's well worth it. Lately I've started hitting the steam room and sauna after a workout at the Y and I really like it. I'm hoping that the steam might help with the acne on my chin. I've been dealing with that for almost 10 years and I'm about over it!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and new week!


  1. Hey!! Welcome back! I am a bad blogger this week, been super busy so am playing major catch up. WOW on the 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SO can't wait to be there!!! Sorry about the head hunger. I go in and out of bouts. I either have it or I have ZERO hunger. It's weird. I am still without a fill so working thru the soft foods, etc.. I am so excited for you tho!

  2. Woo Hoo on the 50 pound mark!!! Way to go!!! Nothing for ya though on the head hunger...damn brain!!! I have learned though that when my head hunger is roaring mad and relentless (as it has been the last 2 days) TOM is very hard to tame that beast though....I feel your frustration and wish there was a miracle turn off button!!! Have a great week!!;)

  3. Congrats on the 50 lb mark!

    About the head hunger--One thing I've found really helpful while at school or out (not so much at home) is that if I want to buy something, I think about the cost of the food in relation to the cost of a bottle of nail polish (because I've had a transfer of addiction, I'm pretty sure). One time, I really wanted some cookies out of a vending machine, just because they were there and I had a dollar on me. However, I told myself, "You can buy a bottle of wet n wild nail polish for that very same dollar. Which would benefit you more, stupid?" Obviously the answer was the nail polish. I really don't have any sound advice for dealing with head hunger at home though :( wish I did!

  4. Congrats on the loss wow 50lbs is super cool! Head hunger is a tough one for all of us. Just keeping busy helps me. I have a couple hobbies that I do that involve my hands and I really try to give that 15 min and then check myself after that. I really have to stay out of the kitchen and always try to make sure I have something to drink because sometimes I am thirsty but mis-interpret it for hunger.