Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blogger's Block

How is everyone doing out there?! I am beat! Monday marked 6 weeks of being banded, which also means we are now free to do whatever workout we can. No more restrictions on the core, the stitches around our ports should be healed up nicely! I've been working out twice a day so I can post a big number on the scale this week.

I'm teetering on the -40lb mark and It's driving me crazy.  My motivation is the fact that right now I have about 20 pairs of size 22 jeans in my closet, some never worn still with tags. I just don't fit in them yet. grrr.

My size 24's (the size I started with) are getting embarrassingly big. I refuse to buy anything other than a smaller size but I'm just not there yet! DANG IT! 

Meanwhile, in man-land, I can hear the weight falling off of MS. Ha! He's going to be down 60 lbs before I drop a size in pants! But I still love him :)

Since I'm completely bored and uninspired today, here's a pic of one of my favorite things in the world .......My Kid:


  1. You will be in your 22's quick and fly right thru them!!! In the meantime, a wrap dress is your best friend! Pants are never my friend but a dress can be maneuvered for like 2-3 sizes :)

    And holy moly - your hubby is almost 60 pounds already? Men and weight loss kill me!!! ha

    I can't believe it's already been 6 weeks for you - wow!!!

  2. Your child is adorable!!'ll be in those 22's before you know it!!! Have you ever seen Cinderella??? I am sure you have... In it the mice sing the song as they make the dress..."we can do it, we can do it, we can make the dress for Cinderellie".... I sing my own version to my kids or my students and put in my own words...they think I am a total dork but it gets them laughing and recharges them a little so I will sing to you..." you can do it, you can do it, you can make the 22's fit, I am sure in just a wee bit"...there ya go my little recharge!! ;)

  3. men! why do they always lose so much faster than us! Working out twice a day...your an animal...Great job!

  4. Oh, the cute!! Thanks to Banded With Favor, now I have the Cinderellie mice singing in my head - but I think I like it :)

    Just think how great those 22s will feel - and look! You're doing great!