Friday, February 10, 2012

Am I Freaking Myself out?

I need some help. I'm having a head struggle. Any thoughts or advise is welcome!

At our first post-op appointment with the dietitian she explained that we need to keep our meals to 4 oz. That hasn't been a problem at all. I'm always pretty full when I finish off my 4 oz of food and sometimes at night I just can't eat anything (that only happens once in  a while) She also said something like this, "You should aim for about 800 calories a day, but I don't want you to worry about calories right now, just get your protein in."

No problem. Now that we have progressed onto normal foods, I've been trying to keep my calories between 800 and 1000. Every once in a while when I really feel like a huge cheater I still only get to about 1,200 that's happened just a couple of times.

On the fitness front, I'm working out 3 mornings a week @ the Y. I normally do 30 minutes on the elliptical and I'm always trying to increase the intensity. On the off days I go to planet fitness with MS. I'm really digging the curves style work out they have. I normally take 1 full day off from working out every week. I know that's a lot and I'll only go as far as my body lets me go. But I've been enjoying it and I find great reward in seeing the calories burned on Myfitnesspal.

Those two variables have been great so far. The weight is really coming off and I've been fine, energy wise. A couple of times in the past week I've been a little tired after the gym in the morning and I'll have a yerba mate tea and feel great. I got over the fact that Myfitnesspal always gives me the starvation warning. It bothered me for a while, but hell, I'm doing what I was told and I trust the team we're working with.

So yesterday I read a blog on eating too few calories and shutting off your metabolism, blah blah blah ... and of course today I feel tired. I've eaten 570 calories but with my exercise I've only netted 140 cals. I want to eat something, but I'm having one of those nights that the thought of food is making me ill. I even turned on the food channel to try to get hungry! Nothing.

Am I over dramatizing this in my head? Should I ask my dietitian if it's ok to limit my calories that much? I have 2 weeks until my next band adjustment, and I can't even fathom having MORE restriction than I have now. Maybe I need to read more than just 1 article about it!  AHHHH! I don't know.


  1. I'm kind of in the same boat, wondering if I'm eating too little. I'm only a week and a half post-op, but am finally (for the last three days anyway) feeling really good. I have absolutely no restriction and am on all foods as tolerated (so far nothing I've eaten has given me the slightest trouble). I'm keeping to around 800 calories and weighed today on the Wii and weighed exactly what I weighed a week ago. Even though I'm not working out yet, I tend to move around a lot anyway. I would have expected at least some movement in the scale. Oh, well. I'll be interested in seeing what kind of answers/opinions you come up with here.

  2. Wish I could help sweets. But none the less, you are rocking the working out and weight loss - So excited and proud of you!

  3. Ask your dietician, absolutely. They are the experts. In the meantime, you are following your doctor's instructions and doing VERY well. Keep up the great work - we're all so proud and excited for you!

  4. I think follow your dietitians advice, but you also know your body better than anyone. I've found for me that I actually lose more when I stay between 1000-1200 calories and I don't lose as much when I go under that. You just have to figure out what works best for you.