Friday, February 3, 2012

Missing Diet Coke

Definitely sad about swearing off diet coke for good, but it's probably a really good thing.
Wanted to recommend a substitute in case anyone else out there wants the taste once in a while.

The Sodastream is another one of those halfway cool kitchen gadgets you really don't need. The actual machine carbonates a bottle of tap water and then you mix in one of their concentrates to make a much cheaper version of your fav.

Since carbonation could be a cause of erosion, steer clear of the CO2 and just use the concentrate. The taste is just OK. It's like drinking a flat Coke. But if you're really wanting the flavor, mix your favorite with water and serve it over ice.

The Diet Coke is the only one I've tried and it is a good imposter. It's probably full of all the nasty chemicals that the real stuff has. But once in a while it's a decent treat.

Here is a list of flavors

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