Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back in The Saddle - Some Work Tips!

Today has really been great. I figured it would be nice to give you an idea of what I
brought to work to make my day easier. I work for a great company that puts employee satisfaction and comfort first and I understand that is pretty rare. My husband (MS) on the other hand, works in a place where he barely has a place to rinse out his water bottles. I'll also include what has helped him at work this week a little later.

I packed a large reusable grocery bag today with the following:

- GE single serve blender - $18 at Walmart - Super easy to use and very easy to keep clean. Open it before you take it to work. It comes with 18 pieces and I put them all in my drawer in my office, but it's a lot to store. I would also recommend checking out the Oster MyBlend it's $10 more and it has some nice features along with being way cuter :)

- A glass measuring cup for measuring cups or ounces

- Enough protein powder for the week. I'll eventually just go grab a container to keep in my desk drawer.

- 1/2 Gallon of Milk

- 4 pack of Slim Fast Lower Carb Shakes (They have turned out to be my favorite tasting so far, with Atkins Shakes in a close 2nd.)

- A 64 ounce water bottle so I can track my water

- 2 oz of Greek Yogurt so I can make protein pudding for lunch and 1 small container of applesauce just in case I need something.

I always have a can or two of soup in my drawer in case I forget lunch. Now that I have the blender here I can blend a can of soup for the mushie stage if needed.

I brought the milk to work because I decided to try making my own shakes with my blender. Right now (and every January) Wal Mart and Target normally get Atkins Shakes in 6 packs and sell them for just under $6. It's a great deal,bringing the cost down to less than $1 per shake. If I don't add protein to an Atkins shake, I have to drink 3 shakes, plus get 5 more grams of protein from somewhere. Obviously that's why we've been adding the powders to our readymade shakes.  The protein adds up to be about 56 cents a scoop so that brings the cost up to about $2.00 a pop.

A1/2 gallon of milk will make 8 - 8oz shakes for $2.25 and if you add the cost of the protein each shake ends up costing 84 cents. Not bad for 50 grams of protein!!

I'm finding it a lot easier to drink throughout the day while I'm sitting at my desk which is a huge bonus. I even went for a 30 minute walk around the lake on my lunch break. The weather was a nasty 65 degrees and rainy but I did it anyway! I hope everyone is having a fab day. I'm just so grateful for a surgery with no complications and fast recovery. I can't wait to start really working out hard!

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