Saturday, December 24, 2011

Non Scale Victories !

I've seen a lot of other lap band bloggers post great stories about Non Scale Victories. These victories to me, are even more important than a number. I have a goal weight that lies somewhere in between 150 and 170. Quite frankly I'll probably pee my pants when i get under 200. I will decide a goal weight one of these days, probably at my next doctor appointment. But honestly it's not about that for me. I want to be healthy. I want to shop with my girlfriends .... at the same stores. Focusing on just 1 number doesn't matter as much to me as these NSV's.  So I'm going to start a nice long list. One for me, one for my husband! I reserve the right to celebrate and go bananas when we hit these! I hope you'll celebrate with me! In fact, I hope you share yours with me in the comments!


- Breeze through the smaller sized clothes in my closet. I have about 20 pairs of size 22 jeans. Even a hot pair of sevens that I've never worn. Can't wait to wear them all once and throw them out. (just kidding I won't throw them out, our hospital has a support group where people exchange clothes as they lose weight)

- Throw every pair of huge granny panties in the trash. Sorry tree-huggers, those aren't going to the support group. Every time I hold up my underwear, I look at them in disbelief. How did I get here? You know how mom always says wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident? Well, I always picture EMTs somehow getting a hold of my drawers, holding them up and gawking in disbelief at the the size. True story, HA!

- Fitting into a normal sized bra - Oh the agony. The only small part of my body are my little boobies. God blessed me with B cups that just won't get any bigger. Problem is that the people who make bras don't believe that is possible. So when i find a bras in the  high 40s they either only start with C cups, or they have b cups that are 4 times the size of any other b cup ever made. WTF people? I often find my self saying in dressing rooms, "Am I the ONLY FAT PERSON IN THE WORLD WITH B CUPS??!!" I can't wait to spend my first 60 bucks on a cute little 38 B bra at Victoria's Secret ... that'll be a Victorious Secret alright.

-This is a big one - Get Pregnant. I'll admit it. For the first time in my life, I'm ready to have kids. With PCOS it will be very very hard to conceive. The thought of going through all of those appointments with some asshole doctor or skinny nurse saying "You know if you would lose the weight this would be easier" all matter of fact, like I haven't been trying my whole life, really stresses me out. And you know what I would probably do every time someone said that to me? Dart to the nearest drive-thru, shove a cheeseburger in my mouth and wash it down with a value meal.

- Shop in normal clothing stores. This is something both my husband and I really look forward to doing. Plus size clothing is overpriced, and for  women, it's just plain ugly.

- Walk up hills with out panting like a fatso. MS and I went to a UNC basketball game a few weeks ago. The skinniest person that was with us directed us to a parking lot that felt like it was 2 miles away, up and down hills. When we got to the game I was so out of breath and felt really embarrassed. The game was a blow out and MS was cool with leaving a little early. I was so glad he wanted to  because I knew the HUGE hill we walked down to get into the dome had to be tackled and it wasn't going to be pretty. As soon as started walking up the hill, we were both completely out of breath. Right in front of us was a family of three. Just as I was feeling pretty ashamed of myself, and audibly panting, I heard the dad in front of us say to his little kid, "RACE YOU TO THE TOP!" and they ran the rest of the way after each other.  Yikes that was a blow to my ribs. I kept thinking that we're only 30 years old!  I'm look forward to the day when we can both race our kids up hills.

Here are some of my husband's:

- Ride Roller Coasters. He's been talking about roller coasters for a year, by far this is his #1 NSV. I grew up withing driving distance of Cedar Pointe and he keeps talking about Busch Gardens! Either way we'll hit them all!

- Get Rid of Type 2 Diabetes for Good and lower blood pressure. No explanation needed.

- Sit At a Sporting Event or on an Airplane Comfortably. We love going to sporting events and traveling. Constantly worrying about touching the person next to you. Or worse, having an airline employee in a bad mood pick you as the 1 overweight person in the whole airport that has to get off the plane or buy two seats.

These are just a few, but it's a good start :)

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  1. I want people to think I am pretty not just my face
    I want to run a 1/2 marathon...maybe even a marathon.
    I want to wear fashonable clothes.
    I want to wear boots, I would love to fit my big fat calves into a pair of sexy leather boots!
    Love your list....I ditto it all! I will definately celebrate with you