Saturday, December 31, 2011

Soft Food Phase 1

Like I mentioned, we met with our nutritionist on Friday. She was very pleased with our progress and mentioned that we were doing so well because of our protein intake. She said people really struggle with that.  I have to say, if we would have followed the protein instructions they gave us to the tee pre-op, we would have spent a lot more money and probably wouldn't have gotten all of our protein in either. MS told her that adding protein powder to already pre-mixed shakes was what made us successful.

For this soft food phase, we will still have a protein shake for breakfast. It's the easiest thing for us, and honestly, we drank those EASAdvantEdge shakes for breakfast during the week for a couple of years prior to this surgery. Although we'll be drinking the shakes, the nutritionist wants us to try to keep gettting more and more protein from actual food.

So over the next two weeks we are still aiming to get 50-70 grams of protein. All of the following foods are recommended:

Shredded  or Soft Cheese
Flakey Whitefish or Tuna
Tender cooked Beef, pork or poultry
Canned Lentils or Beans
Fat Free Refried Beans
Low Fat Deli Meat
Low fat yogurt, cottage cheese or ricotta
Imitation Crab Meat

We'll start by eating 2-4 oz of protein per meal. After we try proteins one at a time, then we can start adding soft veggies and soft canned fruits. For example I'll have 2 oz of protein and 2 oz of soft veggies. When we start eating veggies, it is imperative that we eat our protein first.

To give you an idea of what 2 ounces looks like:
2 oz. Translucent Plastic Souffle Cups, Pack of 250

Yep, a salad dressing cup! I used to ask for like 3 of those things full of ranch dressing for salads I ate in restaurants!


  1. Does pudding count as a soft food? I made sugar free pudding with skim milk and 2 scoops of protein power. Made Jello the same way but be sure to mix the protein mix in the cold water and add to the hot water when Jello is completely dissolved. I made 4 servings, but seeing how much 2 ounces is, I need to rethink my portions. Thanks for showing us that little salad dressing cup!

  2. I would imagine because it's soft. But our nutritionist told us to start getting the protein from real food. So we can still have protein shakes in the morning, but she wants us to have 2-4 oz of meat, fish, or tofu. Then next week we can start going to 2 oz of meat, fish or tofu and also adding in 2 oz of soft veggies. So that eventually we are getting 50-70 grams of protein from our food as opposed to supplements.

  3. That makes sense. Making wise eating choices will be the main thing for the long haul.