Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bring It, Liquid Diet!

It's Liquid Diet Eve in our household!! The pantry is clean, the fridge is stocked with tons of clear liquids and protein shakes (i know the protein will be room temp at first. We have those too)

MS and I went out for our last meal tonight. It'll be about 3 weeks until we eat semi-solid food again, so we went out and had a nice low carb dinner. Sadly, we drank the last Diet Cokes we may ever drink. The carbonation is too much for the little pouch above the lap band so that's one thing we have to give up. But we'll get over it! In fact with all of the recent findings about Diet Coke - I wonder if drinking it my whole life played a part in my metabolic "issues".

For the past week we have been on the atkin's diet in order to lose a little weight before the surgery. For those of you who aren't familiar with Lap Band surgery, the doctor will be placing a band around the top of our stomachs. Our surgeon asked that we do anything we can to lose even the slightest amount of weight prior to the surgery because we lose weight in our liver first. If the liver is as small as it can be, the doctor will have an easier time conducting a faster, safer surgery. Here's a visual:

Tomorrow (day before surgery) we can only drink clear liquids. I stocked the fridge with propel, bottled water, iced tea, apple juice, sugar free fruit punch and lemonade. We have broth in the pantry and coffee as well. We're expecting my mother in law and brother in law tomorrow as well. They'll be taking care of us the day of and day after the surgery.
After the surgery, we'll sip on 64 ounces of decaf, non carbonated clear liquids and we'll have to get 50-70 grams of protein from nutritionally complete shakes. We bought a variety of shakes and additional protein powder. We found protein powders by Body Fortress that pack close to 30 grams of protein in 1 scoop. I thought all the flavors sounded great, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, and regular chocolate. We're planning on adding a scoop of the powder to a pre-packaged Low Carb/High protein shake.  We bought Atkins Shakes because we love them and they are hands down the best tasting shakes out there. We also stocked up on EAS Myoplex and AdvantEdge Shakes as well as 1 4-pack of the Slim Fast Low Carb Pre-mixed shakes.

Our Nutritionist approved vitamins are Flintones Complete (chewable so it goes down) Cal-trate chocolate calcium and vitamin D chews, and I have a little extra liquid vitamin D. Must be my daily sunscreen ;) We read somewhere that Gas X helps with gas pains from the surgery. We added that to our list of questions for the doctor.

I know this liquid phase is going to be extemely hard, but the reward will be a double digit weight loss so I'll keep my eye on the prize. Bring it liquid diet! Bring it!

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