Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hydration Tip!

Although I've been able to drink all of my protein with no issues, I've really been struggling with sipping on water and  have yet to drink enough fluid in a day. This whole drinking 2 oz over a span of 15 minutes pretty much ties me to a water bottle all day. So I called my nutritionist and asked her if she had any advice. She told me to take a slightly bigger sips and get some sugar free Popsicles.

What a life saver! The Popsicles help so much with slowing down the drinking process. I'm thinking I might go grab something tomorrow to make Popsicles with. I think I'll even try making 2 oz protein Popsicles as well.


  1. Great tip on the water and popcicles...I am not due to be banded until Feb 2012 but I am already planning!

  2. I'll be praying for you, girlfriend! I'm going to try to post a lot this week while I'm off work and all of these little things are on my mind :)

  3. Hi... I am prep for my surgery may 23rd... What is the significance on the sugar-free Popsicles and pudding and jello? I ask because the artificial sweeteners do not digest well with me now. I can't even chew gum these days... All that stuff makes my stomach hurt and gassy.

    Will reg jello, pudding and applesauce cause issues? Let me know your thoughts

    1. My dietician was very adamant on sugar free everything. I'm sure it's probably about added calories. But if you can I would suggest asking the dr about that one.

      They also told us no caffeine and no alcohol because it irritates the stomach. And they said your stomach is very angry for the week or so after the surgery.

      That being said, if it irritates your stomach now it will probably be worse right after. So I would check with your doctor about it for sure.

      If I were you I'd skip both applesauce and pudding. They don't keep you full and for the calories (even more with sugar) it's a waste. Now if you can mix protein in them, then I would do that because at least your are getting some nutrition out of the little bit of food you can eat right away.