Thursday, December 29, 2011

If There is No Struggle, There is No Progress ~ Frederick Douglass

The scale did reward me today with a 1 lb loss! YAY! So I went on a 2 mile walk at lunch to celebrate. Onward Bound!

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  1. Dear Happily,
    Let me start with Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your journey
    I know it was by the grace of God (a wink!) that I stumbled onto
    This blog!! I will be banded next Fri the 6th. I am on a 2 week liquid diet
    Now with 1 week behind me. All in all it has not been terrible and
    I am both excited and nervous. Your blog has been exactly what I have been
    Looking for. It is positive, real, and so comforting as Your words mirror so much
    Of my own struggles, disappointments and so forth. Thank you for sharing.
    I cannot express the how much peace your words have brought to me..I will
    Be following!!