Saturday, December 31, 2011

Before and After Picture Bust

We took some photos of each other the night before our surgery. Now that MS has lost just over 29 lbs and I have lost 22 lbs I thought it would be fun to post some after photos. To me we both have shown quite a bit of weight loss in our faces, necks and bellies.

We took progress photos today and I spent 20 minutes trying to get them in a good format. When I looked at them I was disappointed. I don't think the photos represent how much we've really lost. Could be that we are wearing different clothes or they were taken in different ways.

When I look at MS he looks a lot thinner than what it seems in the photo and I feel the same about how I look. So for the sake of motivation, I'm going to skip posting the after photos until a week or two more.

I feel like we've worked too hard to post pics that make me feel like we haven't come that far because we have!

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  1. Did you take pics in form fitting clothes (a little tight) that later you can try the clothes on and see the difference? that's what I was going to do.