Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Went on an Awesome Walk Today!

It was a beautiful 60 degree day today and the sun was shining. I had to turn down an invitation to go out to lunch with some girlfriends today, but I don't feel bad about it at all. I used to go out to grab something for lunch almost every day. Hopefully the money I save will fund a fab new wardrobe!

Yesterday I downloaded this rad app on my phone to help track my workouts. This version is free, but the pro version is only 2.99 and might be a fun tool to have later.

You have to register for an account or you can log in via Facebook. To give you an accurate calorie count you have to enter your weight.

The pic on the left is what the screen looks like when you start. You pick your workout type and just hit the start button.

My Workout 12/28/11
As you work out the GPS will track your progress. You can save your workouts and track  your history. In the pro version you can even set goals to beat your previous times or speeds.

I felt really good walking today. I was pushing myself but also taking care that I didn't over do it. I never felt bad throughout the walk at all.

I was a little hungrier today than I've been since the band. I ate my 2 oz of soup at around 2:00 and I had 2 oz of applesauce around 4:00

Onto other great news ... my husband (MS) told me today that he has lost 27 lbs!!!!! Holy crap!

I'm still at the 20 lb mark, so I'm hoping my workouts will help me with pushing through onto the 30 lb mark. I would really like to hit -30 by the time we go in for our 21 day check up with our doctor. Wish me Luck!

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  1. wow that is awesome seem to really be working the process. Good for you!