Sunday, December 25, 2011

Protein Pudding - Cookies & Cream

Merry Christmas to us! We were able to start our mushies phase today and let me tell you it was great.

I have always loved yogurt and sour cream is seriously my favorite condiment. But for some reason I'm having a hard time jumping on the Greek yogurt train. However, I plan on including it in my diet for the long haul because of how much protein it has. I made this little snack today and I think it was delicious! Try it and let me know what you think.

2 oz of Vanilla Greek Yogurt
1 packet of Splenda Essentials
1 teaspoon of Cookies and Cream Protein powder

mix it with a spoon for a minute or two to smooth the protein powder into the yogurt and enjoy. I didn't figure out the exact protein count on this, but I promise you it has a lot more than a sugar free pudding cup!

P.S. I noticed that Kroger started selling their own brand of greek yogurt for 30 cents cheaper than the name brands. It's as good as any of the name brands!


  1. I am so glad I found your blog. After reading some negative support group comments, I was about to change my mind. If all goes well, I'll have surgery in February. Your Blog has helped with that decision. I have so many questions and you have answered some already! I'll follow your Blog for answers, but can you tell me if you followed a 2 week pre-op diet?

  2. Hi! I'm so glad this has helped! Our doctor did not give us a pre-op diet. I was expecting a crazy liquid only diet or something. When we went to our pre-op appointment the doctor said, "just try to lose a few pounds before the surgery". We went on the atkins diet. My husband lost 5 lbs and I think i lost 2 or 3. We did have to drink all clear liquids 24 hours before the surgery, but that wasn't so bad. We drank won ton soup broth for dinner, drank juice, water, coffee. It wasn't horrible. The doctor explained to us a couple of times that people who go out the week before and go bananas eating everything they can possibly think of create problems for the surgery. Since we all gain weight in our liver first it can seriously complicate the surgery. Your liver can crack, or break and bleed a lot which is a big problem. The week before our surgery I was having some serious self control issues and really wanted to cheat on the atkins diet for some reason. But I read an article about a girl who totally blew off her pre-op low carb diet plan and she got all the way to the operating table and they woke her up and said she couldn't have surgery that day and would have to come back in 3-4 weeks. That pretty much scared me straight! Let me know any other questions you have!

  3. Scares me too! I will be on a 2 week pre-op liquid diet. Thanks for the warning - I'll be sure to stay on track. Keep us posted.