Saturday, January 28, 2012

4 Day Post Fill Update

I think I'm doing pretty well with this fill. I definitely ate more yesterday.. Around 700 calories and felt a lot better this morning. So the other day was Probably just a fluke!

The exciting news is that the numbers on the scale just keep dropping! I AM a half a pound away from -40!!!! Holy crap!!!

We had a great workout at the y today. Monday marks 6 weeks for us, which also means we are free to start working our core muscles!! Can't wait to tighten up this flabby belly!

I'm headed out for the night for one of my girlfriend's 30th birthday. We're going to the the melting pot. Even though it's a huge waste of money for me right now I know it will be fun and the small pieces of food that need a few minutes to cook will make it easy for me to eat slow! Can't wait to put on my sequins and lots of makeup!!

update: Wanted to let anyone who was wondering how the melting pot went. I definitely ate more tonight than I have in a long time. I skipped lunch to prepare. MP is seriously the best place to eat out because of the slow pace. We were there from 6:30 - 9:30 so there was lots of time for everything to go down easily. Even though everything was bite size, I cut each piece into at least 4 before eating it. Of course the chewing was my main focus and I never felt uncomfortable until the dessert. At that point nothing had given me trouble so I was probably overzealous and ate dessert too fast. I'm going to try my best to track everything I ate. I set a limit of 3 pieces of any given item I figured that would help control portions and help me track it later.

I'm going to need a detox tomorrow and 2 really good workouts!!


  1. Mmmm I love the melting pot cheese chocolate you can't go wrong great job on the weight loss!!!

  2. Yum! Nice to know the MP is acceptable postband! I have one within 2 miles of my house. How utterly convenient LOL AND HOOOOOORAY on the weightloss!!!

  3. Hi! Just answering your question about the little casserole dishes. They are martha stewart brand from Macys. :)