Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Thought They Were Nice @ the YMCA?!

Please let me vent about my morning.

Like I mentioned in recent posts, every Monday and Wednesday I meet up with a couple of my co-workers at the  Y MCA to work out at 6:30 am. Today is only the second time we've met.

On Monday morning I asked the sweet lady at the front desk where I can get a towel for the shower. She handed me a towel and I worked out, showered and went to work. The towel she did give me was a bit small. But I know it's not the Holiday Inn so whatever.

So this morning, 2 days later, I contemplated bringing my own towel, but decided against it because I didn't want to have a wet towel with me all day. I walked into the Y first thing this morning and was greeted with a scowl from the front desk attendant. I smiled and said hello and handed her my card. She just grunted at me and gave it back. I said, "is there any way I could have two of the shower towels today? They are a little small."

She stared at me blankly and said "We don't have shower towels at this YMCA, you can take as many hand towels as you want"

So I said, "Oh they were hand towels! No wonder it was so small"  (FYI the towel I had on Monday was not a hand towel. I'm 30 years old. I know the difference between a bath towel and a hand towel)

I proceeded around the counter to grab 2 hand towels only to find WASHCLOTHS!

So I said, "Wait, two days ago the lady gave me a bigger towel."

Of course she was saying something rude back, but I couldn't hear her over my rage. So I said, " I'm going to work after this, I have to take a shower, you don't have ANY other towels?"

She said no and I just grabbed to washcloths and started walking to the locker room. I got at least 30 steps from the front desk and the lady yells "MAAAAAAAA'AAAAMM!"

So I turned around and just like she was chastizing a child, she says "WE HAVE THOSE TOWELS BUT THEY ARE FOR EEEE -MMMEERR-GENNN-CIIIESSS"

Oh no she didn't.

I just stood there staring at her for a 5 seconds and then I turned and walked to the locker room. I'm so glad I woke up at 5:30 for this bullshit.

I got on the treadmill and started thumping away. Of course my co-worker and anyone with in a 10 foot vicinity heard that story. I was FUMING.

So we started talking about what I should do and he reminded me about a Wal Mart that is close to work. Luckily we do have a janky little gym in our office building with a locker room/showers that are quite nice.  That's what I was going to have to do.

On my way out I returned my Key to the lady, she politely said, "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding" At that moment no words came from my mouth. I wish I could have said, "I'm not upset about your towel policy, I'm upset about your mouth. And in my world. THIS IS an emergency. Because you have towels big enough for me to use right behind that desk, but because you're such a BITCH i have to stop at Wal Mart and BUY myself a towel."

Maybe I don't have a backbone, or maybe my guardian angel seals my lips shut when I want to say something that horrible.

So the rest is history! I had to go buy myself a towel at wal mart, go shower at work and was 20 minutes late for work. I had a wet towel hanging in my office all day.

What the heck is wrong with people? This is the kind of crap that happens in every retail store these days. Do you think that lady was going to get in trouble for giving me a towel? Don't you think she could have said, look we don't normally do this, here's one for today but bring your own next time. Do you think her boss was going to reprimand her for that? UGH!


  1. Ugggg - Some people are miserable in life and they must try and make everyone else miserable as well. I would have probably opened my mouth and called her a few choice names so you my friend are way better than me. Chalk it up to her charachter and shake it off. Next time you are there, go to the punching bag and imagine her face! That is a ton of activity points LOL!!!!

  2. I agree with Lisa...cranky ole broad(the ymca lady not Lisa). But congrats for keeping up with the exercise!

  3. You are a much stronger wperson then me, I would of had no problems telling her what i think and I would of also wrote a letter. But with all that anger I'm sure burned more calories then I could in a week...Good for you,for being the better person.

  4. Well - I didn't say anything to her, but little does she know... I happen to work with a lot of executive directors from the y. Got her boss' contact information today along with the executive vp of the area and gave them both a piece of my mind! Oops!