Friday, January 20, 2012

Mission Act Normal - Accomplished

Today is completely opposite of yesterday. I feel good, I'm not dealing with a bunch of head hunger today. If you've been reading my blog for a while you might remember that I mentioned a co-worker  who is the slowest eater on the planet. Well he was in town today and we all went out to lunch with him. So I actually went out to a real restaurant with a few people who have no idea that I had surgery. I think that I have prepared myself enough for these situations and I think I did pretty well.

At first I ordered a burger off of the kids menu. I was going to eat half the burger w/ no bun and eat a fry or two and be done. But then I heard someone order chili and thought that sounded even better. So I ordered  half grilled cheese and cup of chili.

I started by eating the meat and beans from the chili so I had enough protein. I probably ate 1/4 of that. Then I ate 1/4 of the grilled cheese sandwich. Man I've been really wanting some bread lately and it was really good.

I was really focused on chewing because obviously I was with a bunch of people who don't know about the band. Plus it was a huge risk trying bread for the first time. The last thing I needed was to get stuck for the first time too. The good news is that when I was almost done eating I looked around the table and my slow-eating-coworker and I were the only two still eating. YAY! I ate that tiny amount and chewed so much that I didn't even realize how slow I was going.

It probably seems dumb, but I feel like today was such a win for me. I stayed within my limits of how much food I can eat. I satisfied my want to try bread and I blended in with everyone else. No one was prodding me or questioning why I was eating so little.

On another note, MS emailed me today and told me that he's up to -45 lbs.! WOOHOO! If I could only have his metabolism for 1 week.

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  1. And there is the cause of your success so far, right there in your post - you didn't panic from the 'head hunger' day before, you planned, kept your priorities in mind, chewed slowly, and enjoyed yourself! Woo Hoo!! Way to go!