Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Filled - With Drama

We had our first fills today and man do I have a doozie of a story for you! HA! Good news is that I'm sitting here laughing as I type this, so everything is A-Ok.

My appointment was set for 1:20 today and MS had an appointment for 2:30 so we just missed each other at Dr. Yoo's office.

But let me back up even further than that... This morning I had a delicious ProtiZyme Chocolate Cake shake for breakfast but I got hungry around 10:30. Since I wasn't sure how I was going to do today with the fill I just went ahead and ate some tuna salad and crackers figuring it would be better to eat earlier. Note to self: don't do that again.

I headed to my appointment at 1:00 I wasn't nervous. I showed up on time and everyone is so nice in the office I just chatted with them for a bit. When I went into the room I talked with the doctor's for a bit and we got started. She told me that it was much easier to do the fill standing, so I stood there and watched as she located the band and then she stuck in the needle.

That was a different feeling. Not bad, just much different than any other stick I've ever had. She talked to me the whole time explaining as she was going. She emptied the band to check how much was in it, and then she told me she was going to fill it all the way up so I could feel the sensation of being completely full. That's when things got dramatic.

As she filled that thing up I started getting light headed. She was talking, but I put my hand on her wrist and said, "I'm going to pass out."  She said, "you're getting pale" and I said, "I'm going."

I blacked out for a few seconds while I was standing up but kind of came back when I could hear her saying go ahead and sit back.  I never fell over or anything they were able to hold me until i could sit down. They had me lay back and they put my feet up which was nice and I couldn't help but laugh. I apologized and felt so stupid. I was laying there with my shirt just covering my bra sweating like a pig and there was a big ass needle sticking out of my stomach. What a mess.

I asked what might have caused it and she said it could have been anything but it does happen sometimes.  She said, "the good news is, we didn't lose the needle and by the way it's poking out I can tell it's still in the port!"

We waited a bit and then I sat up so we could finish. Honestly, while she was adjusting me, it took everything I had not to pass out again. It was so funny because she said, "Do you want me to explain as I go, or do you just want me to do it?" I of course wanted her to explain. But as soon as she started talking I started getting sweaty again and I literally thought, "SHUT THE F#$(K UP AND FINISH" HA! I can't stop laughing about that! It was very cool watching the fluroscope and seeing how the band works. I focused on that screen so hard because I needed for it to be over.

She finished up and had me lie down longer and gave me a script for anti anxiety medication to take before my fills and she also told me to eat something closer to the time of the appointment.

Before I left, we all agreed that I shouldn't tell MS what happened until after his fill so that he wouldn't get extra nervous.  As I was leaving, he called me to see how it went. He was literally pulling into the parking lot just a few minutes after I had left. It was so hard not to tell him. He told me he was really nervous which made me die inside. I kind of squeaked out, "Don't be! It's not bad!"

 He was asking me questions about it and I was trying to act super cool and tried to give him a brief overview. I kept wanting to say, "I don't even remember, I passed out!" But I kept my cool.

Right after I got back to work I got a text message from MS that said, "They said we did the same thing so don't feel bad."

What are the chances of that?! We compared our stories, while they weren't exactly the same, both of our episodes were triggered by the band being filled all the way up. It made me actually black out, and it made MS feel like he was going to throw up.

He told her he felt like he was going to throw up when she filled him up. She removed fluid from his a few times and just as she got it right, he felt like he was going to pass out. She took the needle out and had him lay down. So he never really passed out, but he came close. He was given the same script and sat around the office for a bit just like I did.

MS is on liquids for 48 hours because she gave him a "very big fill". I am on liquids for the rest of the evening and possibly just mushy food for tomorrow. I'll probably eat something mushy at work  and then stick with liquids with MS.

What a dramatic day! I have a headache from the whole ordeal, but other than that we both feel fine. We're both a little hungry right now so we're going to make some shakes and call it an evening! Can you believe that whole ordeal? How dramatic!

In other huge news... MS has lost 48 lbs and I am up to 34!!!! YYAAAYYY!!!


  1. So awesome you get to do this together!!! Even better that your so connected with eachother you have this story to share!!! ;)

  2. Thats sooo going to be me...i pass out over anything...heck i passed out when i had the initial bloodwork taken for the surgery! Lol. Congrats on your first fill!

  3. Well I'm sorry that the negative stuff happen and I'm not gonna lie..this made me giggle. :)I'm glad you both are ok, and in the end the fill in general wasn't bad and you will have a great story to tell for years..

  4. Omg that had me chuckling the best is that they gave you meds to take prior to your next fill!!!! Glad your ok!

  5. Holy cheesecake that is crazy!! I felt queasy reading the ordeal!! I am glad you are ok tho. So did they tell you how much is in your band?? Or are they top secret about it? And best of all - You both have lost a total of 82 pounds already?!!! I am SO happy for your 34! Way to go!!!!

    1. Well I didn't even think to ask, but MS has asked our dr about it twice, and both times she told him not to get hung up on numbers. She said that she takes out as much fluid as possible to measure it, but she can never get it completely empty so they'll never have a truly accurate measure or something like that. I can't remember exactly because I haven't really listened all the way when he asks! Ha!

  6. Oh my dear! Good for you for being so clear about how you were feeling and that you didn't keel over! You two are doing so well, it really is inspiring - keep up the good work, and for the next fill, have a chair back to hold on to!