Monday, January 9, 2012

The Dreaded Cookie Cake

I got up and left early this morning so I could meet my co-workers at the Y to work out and that went great. I walked the hardest and longest I have in a while. But, when I got to work I saw the dreaded cookie cake in all her glory. 2 - large pizza sized chocolate chip cookies being held together by 1/2 inch of frosting and another 1/2 inch of frosting all over the top. Son of a.....

If I hadn't just put myself through a life altering surgery, this is how my day might have gone. First I would have either grabbed breakfast on the way in eating in the car, had a bagel at the office or even an EAS Shake. Then I would have seen that cookie and grabbed myself a large piece of it for "breakfast". Then after a lunch out I would have grabbed another piece for dessert. Then around 3:00 I would have gone in the kitchen grabbed a cup of coffee and grabbed yet ANOTHER piece of it. Probably concealing it with a napkin or putting it in a cup so I wouldn't seem like such a lard ass.

Well thank goodness for the band and some self control.  I decided right away, that this is going to happen often, so I'm going to have to deal with it. If I have a small piece I'll either a) get sick b)eat it and be reminded that it only tastes half as good as it looks or c) not eat it and think about how bad I wanted a piece of it until one day I'll eventually crack and buy myself a box of cookies and eat half of them in one setting.

Here's an idea. Why don't I eat a small piece of it, AFTER I finish eating my tuna fish for lunch? Sounds like something a normal, healthy person would do right? Ok. I'm doing it.

So I did it. I ate my tuna fish slowly while the tiny piece of cookie stared at me from the corner of my desk. Then I took the tiniest bites of the cookie and chewed it to a pulp. Trust me, I made sure that every taste bud in my mouth was covered in cookie and frosting. It tasted pretty good. Awfully sweet. Now I'm done. I'm not going to think about it again because I didn't deprive myself of a thing.

I recorded it in MyfitnessPal. There's no denying it or hiding it. Life goes on. I feel pretty good about it.


  1. That is fantastic! I too would have had 3 servings. I luckily don't work in an office anymore, I am 100% virtual. I remember the cakes, cookies, leftovers from meetings uggg. I would have so many bites in a day that did nothing for me. Take this a major NSV!!

  2. One more thing - I tagged you in a post of mine :) It's on my page - a little "get to know yourself better".

  3. Way to go! And good for you for logging it, too- right now there is cold pizza and chocolates in our work kitchen, so yeah, this is very familiar territory :)

    You *should* feel good about it!

  4. mmmmm.....cookie! Now I want one!

  5. The honesty is what I live...I too would have had 3-4 servings through out the day, also feeling like a big o pig by the last go round that I would cover it or hide it too!! I hate that I would do this, but love the honesty that other people did the same thing!!! Good job for knowing what you would have done and working to change that at the same time...I love that you tracked it as well, because what is the point in going through all of this if we are going to continue to hide from really only ourselves and not be honest with what we put into our body no matter how tiny the bite...I too signed up for MFP so funny you mentioned it...I signed up the day I started my 2 week pre op diet...again thanks for sharing your journey and your recipes so very very helpful!! ;)