Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Do Yourself a Favor

People - This whole meatless thing is blowing my mind. WTF!? Tonight we had Meatless Buffalo Wings. I mean, they didn't taste like chicken wings, but they were a great tasting soft protein and the calories are ridiculous.
The normal serving size is 4 wings, but I was craving some broccoli so I only had three wings.

Look at the calories & Protein!

These meatless products are definitely making it into our weekly rotation. This is the brand we had tonight. The website shows quite a few different varieties.


  1. hmmmm...not sure on this one....I may give it a try but it scares me!

  2. Oh I have had these before. When I was on WW - I would eat these once in awhile. I also made a homemade LIGHT blue cheese version and had these on a big spinach salad with veggies. They were super good. I found them in my regular grocery store (publix). Try them Jen!!

  3. Thanks for the recommend ! Where did you purchase them ?

  4. We got these at our local Kroger, but if you look on the Gardein website they have a store locator. Also I've noticed that every store I've been in has 2 different areas for meatless products. One in the produce section and then another one in the frozen section.