Saturday, January 7, 2012


Remember how I said if I were skinny, I'd call myself a foodie? I feel like I can't say that now, because that may invoke thoughts in skinny hateful people like "More like Fattie." or "Yeah, I can tell." haha. I don't want to set myself up.

I've always been so envious of those tiny people that cook and eat the most amazing foods. For instance, have you ever read How does a beautiful skinny mom like that make that much glorious junk food and stay skinny? Welp, she probably doesn't eat the entire time she cooks like I used to do.  Duh.

I adore walking through gourmet grocery stores. Any Michigan readers? Nino Salvaggios? Man I miss that place. High priced gourmet everything, yes please. Have you ever walked through Grand Central Market in NYC? I could pass out from happiness right in the middle of that beautiful market.

The only problem for me was that MS and I ate way too much food in one setting to be able to afford shopping at these little gems. It would be nice once in a while if I was making a special meal. But that one meal could rack up a price tag of $50 or more. Might as well go out!

So maybe I had little non-scale victory today. I went to the gym and needed to pick up something to make for dinner on my way home. I set the garmin to take me to Kroger. After I made a wrong turn despite her, I realized exactly where I was. I thought. I saw the Fresh Market up ahead and figured I'd stop there instead of trekking to Kroger. I figured I'd probably spend 5X as much on the pork I needed, but oh well.

Oh the wonderful food in Fresh Market. I enjoyed perusing so much. And to my surprise the pork was a reasonable price. I only spent $17 on all of the groceries I needed. No basket, just a few items. This is how skinny people live. This is how Foodies shop. Yay! I'm getting there.


  1. I love shopping at smaller specialty groceries that have cool different luxury items!

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