Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yesterday, on, I asked what the best web based food tracker was and I had two main responses. and Sparkpeople. Being the serial dieter that I have been, spark people is old news to me. But MyFitnessPal.... now this is something to write about.

Pros: The mobile app is awesome. I can read a bar code on anything I'm eating and it will add the nutritional information for me. No bar code? The database is crazy. I mean they even have every kind of kroger brand cheese the place sells.

You can track your food and fitness. I still like having Endomondo for the GPS in case I walk outside.

At the end of each day it tells you your calorie count and gives you a message that says something like "if every day were like today you'll weigh XYZ by this date" I think that's cool

Cons: It doesn't let you track what you want to track like Spark People. For instance, I want to see how much protein I've had on my phone. But it only shows calories. I have to log into the website to check my protein.

On that same note, Myfitnesspal figures out what calories I need. My nutritionist told me to try for 800 a day but not to worry so much about that yet, and just too focus on getting protein from real food. Myfitnesspal says I need 1400+ calories and keeps giving me a warning for eating too little. I think it would be cool if these sites let you pick your weight loss method.

All in all I'd say it's pretty cool!!


  1. Funny you posted this! I JUST joined MFP today too. I will now download it to my Iphone and Ipad as well. I had no idea about the barcode scanner tho. How cool! MFP is a real eye opener. Todays blog was about that lol.

  2. lisa that's so funny, I just read your post before I saw this comment.

  3. I love MFP! My username is andrealeigh23 if you want to look me up on there.