Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Overall Great Day

Thanks for all the sweet comments! Today turned out to be pretty great. I have officially lost 33 lbs and MS has lost 41 lbs!!

We are very excited. We were given a little more freedom as far as exercise goes .. we can't lift heavy weights quite yet and we can't do ab work outs for another 2 weeks to give the stitches on the port a few more weeks to heal. We can get in the pool and do some swimming because our incisions are healed up nicely. I can't wait to possibly swim some laps for some serious calorie burning!

I talked to the PA that works with our surgeon about the possibility of an adjustment and she really eased a lot of my fears.

She said that as we lose weight, just like a belt we would wear on our pants, the "belt" on our stomach also gets looser. So the adjustment is just to keep me at the same restriction, not necessarily restricting me even more.  She also explained why some people feel tightness after sleeping and some other activities. She said that the saline is constantly traveling around the band and in the catheter (that connects the port to the band) So when you sleep, the saline may settle in the band and it feels tight until eventually that fluid starts to move back around. So I'm feeling better and we are scheduled for our first fill next Tuesday!

We also went to our first support group tonight. Honestly, I feel like all of my readers/fellow band bloggers are more of a support group for me. It was good, we'll go to a few more. During the meeting I kept thinking about how much other blogs have helped me. I really look forward to reading comments that people leave for me and love returning the favor on other blogs. It's such a cool community and I just didn't get that at the support group tonight.

So, thank you for comments and prayers today. It really helped! I'm really feeling blessed all around :) To celebrate our success tomorrow, I'll be wearing a shirt in 1 size smaller than I wore today! YAY!


  1. Yeah for you! I'm glad things went well. I'm new to the blog world, and have been reading lots of old blogs about the lap band, but am happy to be keeping up with your progress from the beginning! I just went to the seminar last night and am really just at the beginning stages of the journey. Thanks again for letting me tag along with yours!

  2. So very excited for you!!! I knew it would be over 30!! Woo Hoo!!! I am happy to hear your comment on the blogs...I too have been following yours to start, and now I have added a couple more but these blogs are so very very helpful, encouraging and supportive...I will be starting one myself soon...loved the info on the tightness in the morning...I wondered about that but chalked it up to still in the healing process, makes total sense though...thank you for sharing, I realize we are all scattered around this great US but so encouraging to know other fabulous strong and caring women are out their sharing the journey with one another!!! I love it!!! ...P.S. First day back to work today, went well and walked 2 miles while the kiddo's were at soccer practice...

  3. Woo Hoo!! You two are like a textbook example of how to work with your lap bands - congratulations! What a great feeling that must have been when you weighed in!

    You give to this community more than you know :)

  4. interesting tid bit on the band...I like the example. Awesome job on the weightloss! I just started going to the support groups...mine is pretty good and adds a different twist to the suppport but I LOVE THE BLOGS! you are so right on spot there.
    Have a great day!

  5. Hello- i just started reading your blog a couple of days ago and i really enjoy it! Congrats on your WL.. sounds like you are doing an awesome job! I'm currently waiting for insurance approval after being denied the first tine in December. Ugh hoping for surgery in February. Thanks for all your info! Its been helpful. Keep up the great and hard work!!!

    1. Thank you for commenting! I've gotten so much from the bloggers I follow and from all of my followers that have been supporting with comments. feel free to message me if you ever want to!

  6. So happy for you!!! And as I read your posts my worries slowly disappear too! I just had my first appointment with my surgeon. Need to take the pre-op edu. program and get cleared from two doctors and before I know it, it'll be time for my surgery! If all goes well I should be banded no later than May!! Yippie!