Saturday, January 7, 2012

Is this Really My Life?

I am officially a member of 2 gyms. WTF? Never in my life would I have ever thought I'd see this day. Don't get my wrong I absolutely love working out, but for whatever reason I have a history of working out for a few weeks and then never going back.

Honestly though, the reason I've decided to do this will make sense when I explain it. I work for an awesome company. They offer a wellness plan and as long as we as employees commit to visiting the gym 10 times over a 3 month period the company will subsidize gym memberships. It just so happens that I can join a group of YMCA's for $4 a month that automatically deducted from my paycheck. We didn't look to this option first because it was still close to $50 a month for MS.

This is perfect for me, because the YMCA offers hundreds of fitness classes every week and that is where Planet Fitness is a bit weak. MS and I can go together to planet fitness to work out for the rest of the year but if I feel like going to a Zumba, Yoga or spinning class first thing Saturday morning I can. In fact I have to go to at least 10 of them every quarter!

The group of people that I work with is super close, we all get along really well and have a blast together. There is a small group of us that have committed to each other that we'll be meeting at the YMCA before work 2 days a week. If someone doesn't show we'll give each other hell about it. I'm going to curse myself when I actually get up and go, but it will be worth it when I fit into a smaller pair of jeans.

All that being said. If anyone ever tells me that I took the easy way out with this lap band, I'll probably punch them in the face....and it will probably hurt because I'll be ripped.

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  1. haha!!! You are correct, you WILL be ripped! I am really enjoying your blog!