Saturday, January 14, 2012

My New Zen

I'll never forget an appointment we had with Dr. Yoo about a year ago. It was our first consultation with him. As we were getting up and walking out of the consultation room, he said something like, "Yeah if food is a number 1 priority in your life, this surgery is probably not for you." That was an eye opener. That statement really stuck with me all this time because food has always been a big part of my life. I told you, I'm Italian. Food is like the epicenter of life for Italians.
Well now things are a little different. Although I love cooking and eating. There's just a lot more time to do other things now. Lately to reward myself after a hard workout, I've been lighting candles in our guest bathroom and taking long hot showers. It's my new zen and it feels good. So instead of rewarding myself with ice cream or a fancy dinner, I think I'll buy myself a nice new candle or a overpriced bath goodie just for this little reward.  


  1. Love it! I can so relate to this post. I am 100% Sicilian. I have olive oil running thru my veins. I so get it. I too an wondering about the love affair and how it will change for me. I like your idea of different ways to spoil yourself!!

  2. Oh yet again you speak to my heart...Likewise, I have been trying to keep a watchful eye on my food triggers as well as how to redirect the old habits to new, healthful habits...I have heard people say they give up their food addiction only to hold fast to a new addiction!!! Who says that has to be negative? My aunts have been teaching me to quilt and I have to say it is a very tranquil alternative to eating for me...Lord knows my Fabric bills are going to sky rocket but I am using my trips to Joann's Fabrics as a treat to myself...While on Christmas break (I am a teacher) I had some real time to fixate on sewing and was also doing my pre-op diet and found such is important that we reward and praise ourselves in positive manners aside from food and that we are learning this and practicing these new habits continues to encourage me and assure me that we are all going to be so successful on this journey!!! Here is to sweet rewards that bring us peace, satisfaction and NO weight gain!! ;)

    1. you're so right - I can't wait to see your first project! I've been thinking about taking a sewing class and possibly buying a machine so I can take our clothes in as we lose weight!

  3. Abruzzese here - my gramma made bread every day of her life, so yeah, I hear you on the "food is love" feeling.

    I'm trying to tell myself that sure, food is love, and if it is, then good, home-cooked, and HEALTHY food is what that means. I love my family and want the best for them - why shouldn't I demand the best for myself and them, right?

    Although candles, hot showers, and needle crafts also sound wonderful! Good for all of you for finding new ways to live!