Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Check In!

Hi! I've been a little quiet the past two day, MS and I are still doing good, we just got slapped in the faces with some bug that's going around. Have been taking the work outs easy because we're feeling so crappy. Hopeful we'll be back on track in a day or two.

I had my first panic feeling today. I cut a Tylenol in half so it wouldn't get stuck so I had four small pieces. I took 3 of them a little fast and I felt like i was going to projectile vomit those things right back out. I stood up and walked around my office just kind of dealing with that weird feeling that everyone talks about on forums and blogs. Nothing came up, it ended up settling after a few minutes. Close call :)

Also wanted to let anyone who is interested know that there is a coupon out there right now for slimfast premixed low carb shakes Buy One Get One Free!!! Brings the cost down to less than 75 cents a shake!
There are also $1.00 off Atkins shake coupons as well. If you don't get the Sunday paper you can get them online just look up printable coupons!


  1. Hope you are feeling better!! Love your blog! You are helping me more than you know :) Thanks for joining my site as well and for the encouragement about the pasta. I hope I can have some eventually without it hurting me!! Hard being Sicilian and having no pasta for the rest of my life. eek!! Happy New Year!!

    Your blog looks great by the way. Do you mind me asking how you added tabs at the top?? I would like to add some to keep some topics easier to track. TIA

  2. Thank you!! Today I finally am feeling better. I haven't had any issues with any types of foods yet. I've even been eating tamed jalepenos with my tuna salad and there's not even issues with that. I'm excited to actually have some pasta myself but actually have some restraint while i eat it.

    If you view your own blog, over to the right, there should be a little icon that looks like a wrench. If you click that you can find where it says to add those labels at the top. I really like this site, I was debating between blogger and wordpress, I think this is easier to customize.